MnC: Pikka Nikka [outro]

Can you stand anymore? There was an after party, but dont worry it was a concise one – four Japanese malts to help put the night in context, right ;]


Nikka Coffey grain 1995/2008 12yo cask #179005 63% WB85[4]

Coffey grain 1995.jpg

  • N: Compared to the NAS version we had just previously tried, this is double the age for starters and already showing some varnishing with a abv-huge wood-corn balance.
  • T: Corn-fruity-varnish. Same enormity again as the nose.
  • F: Fairly short, succulent-dry fruity varnish.
  • C: Worlds apart from todays [2017] NAS version.

Scores 84 points


How about a temporary switch to Suntory stock:

Hibiki 17yo blend Ob. Suntory 43% WB85[244] WF89 & WF82 & WF79

  • C: The profile is uncannily similar alongside its older [21yo] sibling – what Serge recently described as ‘an obvious parentage’. Personal preference may sway you one way or the other but both the 17 & 21yo are excellent whiskies, though I became disengaged with this one after a while.

Scores 82 points

hibiki 17 and 21.jpg

Hibiki 21yo blend Ob. Suntory 43% WB89.32[119] WF83

  • N: Soft-rich fruits (blood orange, frangipane-cherry, marmalade, orange blossom, wild strawberries, raspberry leaf tea wrapped in plasticine, fusty peppery dunnage, yes! Like a genie of the lamp, i seem to get exactly whatever I ask for.
  • T: Woody-fruity-sugary with thick-deep bitter putty – the oak has a bite, soft yes but a bite nevertheless.
  • F: Not a long finish.
  • C: Another case of the 1,2 & 3’s – nose>palate>finish.

Scores 86 points overall [nose 90+]


[Nikka] Taketsuru 21yo [2014] Pure Malt Ob. 43% WB87.74[110] WF87 [WM]86[14]

One more for the road then and appropriately, a [Nikka] Taketsuru oldie.

taketsuru 21.png

  • N: Incredibly similar profile to the 21yo Hibiki – though more woody.
  • T: Thin/acute aniseed attack. Also oily>waxy.
  • F: Blackberry juice finish.
  • C: Decent but not one thats going to quite beat the Hibiki tonight. Maybe this got rather tired in the bottle.

Scores 85 points



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