Glen Moray ‘Elgin Heritage’

Flannel aside, 2016 saw a Glen Moray re-branding. ‘Elgin Heritage’ involving the core 12, 15 & 18yo – the first two still at 40%, grrr!


Glen Moray 12yo Ob. ‘Elgin Heritage’ 40% WB80[1]

Glen Moray 12

  • N: A nose with no beef, no balls.
  • T: Takes a while for the liquorice/ aniseed bubblegum to come through.
  • F: Tangy.
  • C: This is Moray’s straight bourbon house style.

Scores 80 points


Glen Moray 15yo Ob. ‘Elgin Heritage’ 40% WB81.65[22]Glen Moray 15

  • N: Sits perfectly in-between the 12 & the 18yo with creamier tannins.
  • T: The most balanced of the three.
  • F: Yummy, woody cream.
  • C: Demonstrating that a little sherry goes a long way.

Scores 85 points


Glen Moray 18yo Ob. ‘Elgin Heritage’ 47.2% WB85.88[10]

Glen Moray 18 & 25

  • N: Gentle woody vanillin.
  • T: Woody, assured.
  • F: Thick woody finish with gentle liquorice.
  • C: Like the 12yo, this is all-bourbon. Liking this over the 15yo may come down to your personal wood & cask preference, but both the 15 & the 18yo are equally as good.

Scores 85 points


Let’s finish with a non ‘Elgin Heritage’ vintage.


Glen Moray 1988/2013 25yo Ob. 43% WB87.80[22]

Port wood finish.

Glen Moray 25

  • N: A full nose with more complexity and depth. Yeasty with wood chips.
  • T: More wood chips and deep old oak with dry yeastiness.
  • F: ……. followed by some grapey fruits seeping through confidently at the end. Finishes with dry & tangy raisins & yeast flakes.
  • C: Good casks no doubt. The best of this flight.

Scores 86 points





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