The Dublin Liberties

The Dublin Liberties distillery will be open next year. In the meantime, they are acting as independent bottlers.

Dublin liberties distillery.png

Whilst the Dublin Liberties website talks of craft & tradition [and oozes of flannel] LINK, the Dubliner range appears to be a [Quintessential] ‘brand’ led operation with not a glimmer of provenance – take a look at the website LINK. Let’s see what the juice is like on either side.


[The] Dubliner NAS bourbon cask blend Ob. 40% WB72.64[13]

Dubliner NAS

  • N: Grassy sweet with an unusual combination of wine, cider & vanilla honey notes – not like mead in anyway however.
  • T: Soft-fresh with a bitter edge. Doesn’t do much but sustains.
  • F: Honeyed sweet with a bitter vanilla bite to end.
  • C: A 3yo blend with a high malt ratio [60>40 malt>grain]. All bourbon casks.

Scores 77 points


[The] Dubliner 10yo single malt Ob. 42% WB78.71[9]

Ex-bourbon casksDubliner 10yo.png

  • N: Uncomplicated start on summer melon fruits. With water comes more fruits yet with a bourbon-fresh resinous rawness.
  • T: Thick=stubborn & waxy arrival. However an unexpected change in fortunate comes by adding water, which elevates the ‘thickness’ to present a softer, mildly salty and thoroughly more pleasing malt.
  • F: Water softens the chalky bitter edge also.
  • C: Definitely add water.

Scores 77 neat, 80 diluted.


[The] Dublin Liberties 10yo [2016] ’Liberties Copper Alley’ single malt Ob. 46% WB82.87[17]

Dubliner Liberties.jpg

  • N: This third Dubliner [with the Liberties name badge], comes with sweeter orchard fruits and a clean sweet pungent pong. Develops with a small handful of salt ’n’ vinegar crisps.
  • T: Plunges right in with its rich distillate & fully integrated oak.
  • F: Rounded, controlled heat with a waxy chew.
  • C: Well delivered Irish malt and easily my favourite of the three.

Scores 83 points



Happy World Whisk[e]y day!!