Bargain bin blends

Whilst tonights seemingly never-ending whisky auction runs and runs [currently coming up to the four hour mark], my eyes wander to the ‘bargain bin’, with some bottles [wine, vodka, brandy, blends etc.], still available for as little as 25p.

I happened to have miniatures of three blends going fairly cheap  – as good a time as any!


Findlater’s Finest Scotch Whisky 43 G.L/86 US proof/75 proof WB73.50[2]


  • N: Huge OBE to start, but the nose improves enormously once fully opened up with a sweet soft funk, a little popadom, plenty of fruity puddings and much colour-caramel.
  • T: Sadly the OBE hasn’t lifted quite as well on the palate, but it progresses steadily. Still, theres a decent savoury-sweet & fruity mouthful albeit with oaky colourant scuffles.
  • F: Some sherried raisins sustain with a dry tempered freshness. Dry mahogany finish.
  • C: Its not disastrous by any means. Decent enough blend but i wont be bidding on this one.

Scores 76 points


King George IV Blended Scotch [1980’s] DCL 40% WB79[1] WF65~WM65[1]

Jojo of says: ‘DCL (Distillers Company Limited) registered King George IV as a trademark in the 1880s and it was sold in export markets only. In 1924, DCL created the Distillers Agency Ltd to run their Export Branch and the packing changed to reflect this’.

King george.jpg

  • N: Dies fairly quickly in the glass, but until then its a creamy, grassy/barley malt with some rich briney potency – the grain distillate  most prominent with dry=oaky caramel spoiling the vibe somewhat. Blind, I may well have called this a well tempered [youngish] single malt.
  • T: No OBE here. Its a touch generic yet with a waxy-clean barley chew and beginnings of a decent mouthfeel. Definitely tastes more like a single malt than a blend – Im thinking Deanston=Glenlivet>Glenrothes with some Port Dundas/Caledonian. Tasty.
  • F: Holds its form well. A waxy-dry full-bodied finish with a little soft-spirity spearmint.
  • C: Most drinkable. It’s got something of Dewar’s about it.

Scores 78 points


Langs Supreme Scotch whisky 40% WB74.33[3] WF75~WM75[1]

I believe this is a miniature from the officially bottled 5yo. Looks like little-to-no colour has been added.


  • N: Lighter nose than the King George. A soft yet reasonably focused nose with some blueberry/blackberry crumble in the distance and popcorn [grain notes] developing. That soft distillate really starts to appeal the more i nose it. Chestnuts now, sweet barley. Must be some much older grain in here i reckon and some firm Speyside malts.
  • T: Less innocuous than the King George, straight into a fruity maltiness [from the era], with a bit of a mouthfeel to boot. More fruity malt develops, hinting at a little sherry in the mix.
  • F: Really dry yet surprisingly sustaining ending. Perfectly sweetened malted barley notes to finish with a single malt character showing at the death.
  • C: This one sneaks pole position.

Scores 79 points



Happy bidding!






Bargain bin blends.jpg