Drip, drip – more grain

Girvan 1992 23yo SMWS G7.12 [138 bts] 58.6% WB0

Ex-sauternes hogshead


  • N: Peppery, husky, earthy [soil], and winey vanilla ice cream. The wood seems active enough but thankfully not overly so. In time its the honeyed vanilla that dominates, with a little dried lime/tutti-fruity pieces.
  • T: Succulent and sweet, almost fruity although certainly savoury with some burnt molasses and butterscotch notes. Lots of easy chew here, on an enduring development. Nice body in general, one that doesn’t get overly sweet or carried away – its well controlled.
  • F: Bitter tannic notes mix with the vanilla cream to finish with a sweet-bitter finish. Good length finish too.
  • C: A simple and decent grain. The heart is the chew with aptitude either end. Nothing wrong with this one at all.

Scores 83 points


Port Dundas 1991 25yo SV cask #50402 [btl #117/284] 60.3% WB86[8]

port dundas 1991.png

  • N: Wow, this has the crazy complexity of that wonderful Fettercairn WB, and the meatiness of a single malt.
  • T: Aah ok, now its identifyably grain-like with a Mannochmore-esque solidity.
  • F: Short, but tells of quality spirit and cask.
  • C: Very good single cask grain from a distillery with a robust consistency.

Scores 85 points


Cambus 1975/2016 40yo Ob. [1812 bts] 52.7% WB90.89[11] WF89

cambus 40yo.png

  • N: Wow, its so rich – Diageo magic at work! A touch of mushroom joins the vanilla confectionary.
  • T: Same level of richness on the palate also. Some chlorine accompanies the grain.
  • F: Like the Port Dundas, theres a robust Mannochmore-esqueness to this grain, such is the vanilla=ethanol driving-force.
  • C: Good ole’ grain this one, but no big fussing after it with that price tag [TWE £740 2017], yet I’m aware this was for some, one of the [TWE 2016] whisky show highlights.

Scores 87 points


North of Scotland 50yo Ob. 40.4%

NoS 50yo.jpg

  • N: Yet to be released, this is a balanced old grain, amazingly with dry yet lush, chewy fruits.
  • T: Rather neutral, safe in the main with dryish cream as is to be expected – and no change with water really. Quite moorish however with fruit pastels on development.
  • F: Oaky, sugared grain – the sugar, more a fruity-wine sweet than saccharin.
  • C: Not a great deal of complexity nor journey but the balance is terrific, after all those years too.

Scores 85 points