Re: Glencadam

Glencadam - Brechin.png

Let’s remind ourselves that Glencadam is an Eastern Highlands distillery near the coast in Brechin, which lies in-between Aberdeen and Dundee. It could easily form part of an Eastern Highlands distillery tour, starting with Glenury Royal to Fettercairn, and then on to Glencadam before heading south to Daftmill, Edenmill and Kingsbarns.

Here’s three Glencadam’s. Flight wise, the age order is a bit skew-whiff but there’s not much between them.

Glencadam 19yo oloroso sherry finish Ob [btl #5726/6000] 46% WB87.88[10] WFx WMx

Glencadam 19.png

  • N: With a larger presence than the 18yo LINK, brought about by some meaty sherry casks.
  • T: Big, savoury<sweet sherry malt
  • F: Lots & lots of oloroso
  • C: Very nice although i find the finish somewhat cavalier.


Scores 85 points


Glencadam 17yo ‘triple wood’ Ob. Btl#2477/2765 46% WB87.86[24] WF77 WMx

Triple wood, anyone? In the real world that’s 12 years in bourbon and five years in three selected port casks.Glencadam 17.png

  • N: I much prefer this nose to the over-bearing oloroso finish of the 19yo. Here the spirit is encouraged to bond more easily with the grainy port wood.
  • T: Again, there’s more subtlety here than with the boisterous sherried 19yo but there’s a lot of active oak here – a dominant first fill port finish perhaps?
  • F: Winey char.
  • C: As port wood finishes go its ok, but as a whisky, well its ok too – but truth be known, i’m not too fussed.

Scores 84 points


Glencadam 18yo [2016] bourbon Ob. % [TWE show 2016] Score: B[-]/86 [Oct 2016] WB85[2] WFx WMx

Glencadam 18.png

  • N: Light and chalky dry, almost Fino dry
  • T: A waxy, astringent, barely spirit with a complex bitter-sour. Water brings out the fruits.
  • F: ,….. more travel, more barley
  • C: Subtle-complex, distillate-led nicely matured malt. The best of the bunch for me, but there’s not a great deal in it.

Scores 86 points