B-sides: At least one bourbon

After all these years in Brighton, I’d never been to the Great Eastern before, a pub renowned for its whisk[e]y collection. I stopped in for a couple.

I started with a clearly defined bourbon. How do I know it’s a bourbon? It has bourbon written on the label.

Michters small batch.jpg

Michter’s Bourbon [+/-2016] Ob. Small Batch [Barcode:3938300961] 45.7% WB82.55[33] WF83

  • N: Familiar, rounded bourbon that I think could easily pass for a reasonably aged grain whisky in first fills.
  • T: Standard corn led bourbon.
  • F: Par
  • C: Good standard, everyday drinker, nothing spectacular. Certainly doesn’t live up to the current hype of Michter’s in general in the last few years [2016], but then much of that fuss is about the 10-20yo’s. Certainly a popular choice among bartenders.

Scores 82 points


Riverboat is made by the same people who make Redemption bourbon & whiskey which is a Speciality brand. Redemption is made by the Lawrenceburg distillery who make Cougar spirit which is bottled at 37% as well selling their whiskey to independent bottlers around the world. Riverboat rye used to have ‘Whiskey’ in big letters on the front label but the current label neither declares itself as whisky nor whiskey nor bourbon – plain spirit is what, and the same goes for its official website and blurb. Are we getting into Captain Morgan’s territory, which in Europe is [currently] a rum-based spirit drink and not technically a rum.

Riverboat Rye Spirit 80 proof 40%

  • N: Water cress-bourbon, strawberries, soft herbal – this is refreshingly different.
  • T: Natural oak comes through and refreshingly with only a little sweetness. Very herbal, big on botanicals.
  • F: Fresh mown grass, basil, raspberry leaf, nettles, comfrey, strawberries,…
  • C: One for gin fans perhaps? Refreshingly different, but then i’m comparing it to a bourbon/whiskey.

Whatever it is, today it scores 83 points.  I shall enquire further.