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It’s ‘rum rabbit rum’ at the moment. The venue i was working at tonight had just acquired two new additions behind the bar. I was pleased to be invited to sample these two rums, both from Plantation. The man behind Plantation rum is Alexandre Gabriel, self-titled ‘artisan businessman’ focusing on rum and cognac. Alexander is currently President and owner of Maison Ferrand and was awarded Master Blender in the ‘World’s best’ rum awards, winning the prestigious Golden barrel award. First up:

Plantation ‘3 stars’ blended rum 40% WFx RR76[59]

Plantation’s website states: ‘Plantation 3 Stars is a blend of rums from three islands: Trinidad (rum aged two or three years), Barbados (young rum), and Jamaica (old rum).


  • N: Light molasses style, some yeastiness and tomato puree-marmite.
  • T: Light molasses again initially with spice & zing before a mild-sweet development of medium weight.
  • F: There’s a touch of bitter citrus but mainly it’s light molasses with hints of older cask notes.
  • C: It’s definitely possible to sip but more so it’s crying out for daiquiri inclusion.

Scores 78 points


Plantation ’Stiggin’s Fancy’ Pineapple rum 40% WFx RR78[35]

This rum was created by Alexandre Gabriel, and David Wondrich – author of the book Imbibe. It is a tribute to the esteemed Reverend Stiggins whose favourite drink was the “pineapple rum” in the Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens.


  • N: Well yeah,  it’s pineapple infused rum alright – but would the Royal Navy go for it? It’s nice yet odd with the spirit tricky  to decipher.
  • T: Same again, yet the pineapple leads after giving some ‘bark’ [woof] on the arrival. Develops later as a light-spiced rum with some bitter pineapple
  • F: Light bitter bark accompanied by the equally light-sweet rum and bourbon cask traits.
  • C: Wouldn’t you be better off mixing decent rum with fresh pineapple juice? Probably perfect for Pina Colada. Couldn’t sip one whole dram however.

Scores  75 points


It’s back to whisky for a little while now before RumFest next weekend.

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