Royal Brackla 1970 [bott 90’s] G&M CC Old map label 40%

I’ve encountered this twice now. Here’s both experiences:

  • N: Familiar, generic old style ’70’s nose. Not much clarity at all but pleasant enough in general. Some charred wood oil and mouldy sweet chestnuts offer a touch of complexity, but its very slight and there’s a touch of smelly feet as is occasionally customary from these generic 70’s ‘drinking fodder’ malts.
  • T: Sweet, fizzy and prickly caramel spirit with murky honeyed oak. Theres a hint of almond/marzipan on the arrival.
  • F: Snooker chalk, roasted honey-glazed artichokes {wow, Serge got those too!] and a surprising rally of chocolate [sherried] raisins at the end.
  • C: Arguably drinkable, next.

Scores a near miss


Take 2:

  • N: Artificially sweetened crab apples, [mouldy] chestnut & apple jam and an industrial fruit/chemical bitter=sweet ‘strangeness’.
  • T: Fizzy, sharp arrival with a fusty wood & old caramel and wax development.
  • F: Crab apples and oaky caramel reside.
  • C: The last time i tasted this i noted it as ‘arguably drinkable’ and scored it a ‘near miss’ accordingly. This time round i can’t be so generous.

No score

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