Dupeyron Napolean Condom Armagnac 40%

Before i rush off to Dave Broom’s rum tasting LINK, there’s just time for an Armagnac review. This was one of those auction gambles that paid off.

N: There were some cork opening issues similar to the Bellows WB, which suggests its as old as i think it maybe – 50’s, possibly 60’s? Theres old book shelves, leather bound books, a little furniture polish, old oaky vanillas, a touch of rolling tobacco, and all the fruits – old ones, ripe ones, squashed ones. I love woody distilled grapes. Rich and fabulous

T: Wow, Kavalan eat your heart out. Prune juice, medjool dates, raisins, PX sherry, grape sugars,… but with some years, old dusty years giving a rich, deep & dark, bitter=sweet depth lacking in so many whiskies. Old style oak. Lots of dad noises. Strong 40% er, one that didn’t mind a bit of water at all.


F: A bit ‘twangy’ at the end, maybe OBE?, maybe rougher spirit [sherry] notes? But with time and water you get more leather bound books and old, dusty wood oils. Waxy, dry mouth feel at the death.

C: Delicious x2. It’s like an seriously aged Kavalan in a lovely 2nd refill sherry cask. Score wise, this is one of my favourite and best armagnacs to date, right up there with the 2000 Darroze and surpassing the 1974 Darroze [reviews to follow] – and i paid £13 for it.

Scores 91 points