Tormore distillery

Stopping outside the Tormore distillery is tricky enough due to it being situated right on the side of the fast bending A96, but getting inside it is another matter. Arguably the most photographed yet least visited distillery in the world, people with no interest in whisky stop in amazement to take photos of this striking building.

They would be excused for thinking it was more a hydro-spa than a distillery, designed by Alexander Cullen [and Sir Albert Richardson] in 1959. The surrounding buildings are as equally stunning, more akin to posh, private estate dwellings than industrial out-houses.

Tormore Distillery July 2016

Tormore is presently owned by Chivas Regal, who also own Strathclyde, expressions of which i am currently drinking and recently reviewed.

To date, i’ve only tried a handful of expressions from the Tormore distillery, the best being  this single cask bottling from Archives LINK