Pittyvaich 1989/2015 25yo ‘Limited Release’ [5922 bts] 49.9%

Notes taken at a Diageo ‘2015 release’ tasting with Colin Dunn

Colin Dunn offered a two week holiday in Cuba for anyone who could tell him what Pittyvaich (Pitty-vake, like cake) meant.


  • N: Nosing this, it’s not a complex nose. With familiar mash notes and a touch of rawness about it, this is a natural Speyside whisky.
  • T: Beefy mash, savoury, rich. Lovely to drink.
  • F: …… more malty porridge.
  • C: Pittyvaich means,….. who knew? No one but Colin on the night which must have been a relief to him. It means, ‘place of the cowshed’.


Scores 84 points

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