Jura 30yo ‘Camas an Staca’ Ob. 44%

So, 27 years in US white oak with a 3 year finish [re-rack] in oloroso

  • N: A little sulphur, a little peat, prunes, raisins and tropical fruits. Theres a sublime subtlety here, lovely.
  • T: Ooh, we found this to be a bit wishy-washy albeit with lots of ‘stuff’/action in the background. What eventually comes most prominent however are the dark, deep mahogany notes and an almost armagnac quality, given its dry/tannic nature. However, given the thinness and the fact that there’s no bite whatsoever, you could drink this like juice.


  • F: Long mahogany finish which almost stains the palate like a claret. Highly tannic, dry and oaky.
  • C: Even at 44% this is really struggling on arrival, its almost fragile – but i’m aware that others haven’t found that to be the case. I wonder if this was a tricky one to blend given the casks available? i imagine it’s as good as it could have been, the result being that it’s quite a treat in places.

Scores 86 points

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