Compass Box ‘Flaming Heart’ 5th Edition [2015] 15th Anniversary [12060 bts] 48.9%

  • N: Following on from the fabulous Lagavulin 12 [15th release] WB, this is decidedly fruity and peaty also with a brilliant sweet-fresh, herbal, oily umami – UMAMI on the nose!!
  • T: Aromatic, peat-malt surge, peppery, sweet-sour herbal, waxy-oily and not far off a Lagavulin profile too – but then it is nigh on impossible to decipher between Lagavulin and Caol Ila when it comes to detection in blends.


  • F: The peat lingers with a little herbal, fennel and chocolate
  • C: This consists of things i like and the result is just as good as it reads on paper. A brilliantly inspired combo and very well blended.

Scores 89 points


Further reading: WB88.84[66] WF91 WMX ralfy91