Caledonian 1964/2012 48yo Scott’s Selection 41.7%

‘Fabulous Old Timer’

N: Air-fix paint [green & silver], Demerara sugar, treacle, tart plums and/or gooseberries, fresh vanilla, fresh citrus, garlic? Also toffee, dried coconut flakes, custard, ice-cream [on the stick], digestive biscuits and later, marzipan and cream soda. Quite a nose!

T: Enters all ‘Cuvee wine’ like with a wood zing, varnish and pepper – long build. Adding water knocks the sweet varnish and the pepper edge off, creating a thin sherry wine body. A floury sweetness in the mouth heralds the finish. Lots of sweet glue here and banana chips covered in emulsion


F: The grain fights the wood all the way, the wood finally easing with time before introducing a fresh vegetal note towards a green-pepper chilli-masala finish. Fairly long medium drying finish with some plastic and wax also. Furthermore, there’s coffee in there, some nuttiness, more glue and more pepper at the death. The sweet malt is in tact at the end in a coffee/toffee/vanilla/caramel kind of way.

C: So much wood, fantastic – and a fun journey. Love it, and for £102 i’m glad i bought 2 bottles [some years ago now]. This changed quickly after opening, getting better all the time. A mature ‘wow’ whisky.

Scores 91 points