Strathclyde 1977/2013 36yo HL cask #9912 58.1%

After two young yet superb Strathclyde’s, it seems only apt to finish this Strath-off with an older one in the form of a 36yo 1977 vintage.

N: Initially, slightly burned and very tannic>estery with sweet prunes/fresh figs. A touch of soy sauce & tomato ketchup is then mixed with sweet tamarind paste, sweet chilli & oyster sauce to provide the marinade for green pepper/tomato/mushroom/pineapple BBQ skewers served alongside nutty sweetcorn fritters. I like the nose but i have no idea which way this is going.


T: Surprisingly weak arrival [only for a second] before the [oloroso] sherry bursts onto the scene. Theres a hint of sulphur but this too disappears almost instantaneously. The mouthful builds, becoming enormous, grandiose and showing its abv strength throughout the development. Importantly it’s incredibly alive and vibrant yet equally controlled and relaxed with an almost unfathomable offering of natural grape/pectin sweetness and oak coupled with a nutty, smoked oiliness that reminds me of Balcones Brimstone or Noah’s Mill bourbon,…… and breath.

F: Everything inevitably calms down after a frenzied engagement but there’s no doubting that a special event has occurred, sip after sip

C: Fabulous [and worth every penny]. This is as good as many a sherried whisky, grain or otherwise.

Scores 92 points

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